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We can customize/design art products using any of our art images

We can work on commissioned art

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IMG_3777 copy.jpg
18" X 24" mixed media acrylic painting on canvas - not framed
(Decisive); price $750 (50% off)
18" X 22" Mixed Media Self Portrait Painting - Framed
(Muffled Silently); price $450 (50% off)
Baby and mom with logo.jpg
20" X 20" digital art on metal
(Mother Sea); price $195 (50% off)
23" X 19" acrylic painting on canvas - framed
(A Cry); price $400 (50% off)
These are unique digital arts on small
modern float frame (click on image to enlarge)
Special $195/each (including shipping to a US address)
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Screen Shot 2019-11-24 at 10.52.54
30" X 40" digital art on stretched canvas
(Phoenix); price $315 (40% off)
Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 7.20.44 AM.png
11" X 14" digital art on metal
(Children of all Faiths); price $175 (50% off)
Palestenian kid with a bird (my best)_ed
portraite 1.jpg
20" X 20" digital art on stretched canvas
(Palestinian Moon); price $195 (50% off)
26" X 20" digital art - Framed
(Findings); price $225 (40% off)
Screen Shot 2020-11-29 at 11.07.56
16" X 20" embellished art on stretched canvas
(Turn Around); price $500 (50% off)
IMG_3740 copy.jpg
20" X 16" Mixed Media Figure Drawing - Framed
(Sensual); price $275 (50% off)

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Carousel Image 9

Digital Art on Modern Float Frame .. contact us if interested

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